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In Lightning, I am viewing "Recently Viewed" and "Recently Viewed Object"

Knowledge Article Number 000233378
Description The Recently Viewed {Object Name} list view is built to list in order of the last {Object} records opened. On the other hand, the Recently Viewed list view is configured to list the items used most frequently, not exactly the last items opened.

In Lightning, we are seeing duplicate "Recently" views (Recently Viewed and Recently Viewed Object). In Salesforce classic, there is only one "Recently Viewed Object", such as where object is "Account/Contact/etc". 

Steps in Classic
1) Go to Contact Tab
2) Underneath "Contact Home" change the view to the name of  the List View

When selected you will see only "Recently Viewed Contacts" 

Steps in Lightning
Switch to Lightning Experience
1) On the side options select "Contact" 
2) To change the view select " Recently Viewed" 

When selected you will find that "Recently Viewed" is listed as well as "Recently Viewed Contacts" 


"Recently Viewed" is not editable so there will be two items shown. This search-related feature does not have full parity with what’s available in Salesforce Classic.

Salesforce lightning experiences currently does not support any user defined lookup filters. Check this link for details about limitation

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