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How to add Groups and Group List Pages to Communities

Knowledge Article Number 000233383
Description Here are the steps to create a Group or Group List Page in a Community: 

  1. Create a Community (Napili template)
  2. Go to Community Builder
  3. Click On Page Editor icon (it should land on Home object)
  4. Click On Page Structure icon and click on Navigation Menu
  5. Add a Edit Navigation Menu item and choose Salesforce Object | Group | Active Groups as your selections and publish it
  6. Then go back to the Community Manager and from there click View Community
  7. Within the Community, go to your Groups tab that was created from the Navigation Menu
  8. Click New to create a new Group and save it
  9. Leave the Community View and go back to the Community Builder
  10. Click on Page Manager icon
  11. Scroll down and choose Groups
  12. Create a Group and create a Group List Page


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