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Cannot find "Flags an item as Inappropriate" setting in Email Settings

Knowledge Article Number 000233388

When setting up a user to Moderate chatter posts in your community, you may wish to allow the user to receive an email notification whenever someone Flags an Item as Inappropriate.

The following article indicates that there is a setting called "Flags an item as inappropriate" found in your Email Settings page:

This setting appears to be missing from most email setting pages such as:

  • Setup>Customize>Chatter>Email Settings
  • Setup>Administer>Email Administration
  • [Name]>My Settings>Email>My Email Settings
  • [Name]>My Settings>Chatter>Email Notifications

This checkbox is located on the user's email settings from within the community. In order to see it, take the following actions:

1) Log into the community
2) Navigate to the affected user's Chatter Profile within the community
3) Click on the small "down arrow" located to the far right on the chatter profile page
4) Click My Settings
5) Click Email Settings

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