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Case LifeCycle report duration filter is ignored by the report

Knowledge Article Number 000233393
Description If you created a report using the Case Lifecycle standard report type (for further information about this, please review Using Custom Report Types to Report on Support Activity article) and added a filter to show only the records with duration greater than zero, it might happen that the report still shows some records that have a displayed duration as zero.
Resolution The report is not ignoring the report filter, but it can happen that the duration is appearing on the report as zero but in reality is 0,000 and some additional decimals.

There might be, in fact, some milliseconds of delay on the creation of the record. Some of the causes might include (but not limited to):
- A high number or workflow rules to be evaluated
- A high number of rules (assignment, escalations, validation) to be evaluated
- A high number of criteria based sharing rules to be evaluated
- A trigger to be calculated

The calculation of the duration information is calculated in the background by the report with the following calculation:
[previous update date and time (previous historical record) - last_update date and time (this historical record)] x 24

So a few milliseconds of difference can make the duration to be higher than 0 but rounded into zero for the report user visibility.

In order to check the real value of the duration, including the decimals, you can create a new custom summary formula field as follow:
Format: Number
Decimal Places: 8 (or the number you prefer, but at least 5)
This formula calculation will be displayed in the report at the level you select: All summary levels

The report must be grouped by a value so the report will be able to display the formula for the line of history that you need to check.


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