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Salesforce1 Today Components

Knowledge Article Number 000233394
Description Manage the Day Better with Even More Key Information in Salesforce Today
Resolution To ensure that Salesforce Today is the one-stop place where sales reps can manage their day, we’ve enhanced the main Today page to include more key information instead of forcing users to navigate around Salesforce1 to find what they need. Users can now see current Chatter posts that are directly relevant to them, news about accounts they’re meeting with on the current day, and their most recently accessed dashboard. Today continues to be available in the Salesforce1 downloadable apps only.

The main Today page now includes this collection of cards, in this order: Current Event, Agenda, My Tasks, My Recent Records, To Me Feed, Account News, and Dashboard.

To Me Feed card

  • This card displays up to two of the most current posts from the To Me feed, so users can see at a glance the activities they need to respond to or deal with.
  • Only posts that are less than 72 hours old are included. If all posts in a user’s To Me feed are older, this card doesn’t display.
  • Tap a post to open the post’s full details, or tap a link in the post to access a file or a record. The More link opens the full To Me feed.

Account News card

  • This card displays if Account News is enabled for your organization. It highlights the most relevant news item for a user, based on the accounts the user is meeting with that day. The More link opens a list of up to 10 top account-related news items for the user. The news items shown are unique for each user.
  • This card doesn’t display if there aren’t any relevant account-related news items to show.
  • See See News about Accounts for more information about the sources used for news items and how the content is curated. To turn this card on for your organization, see Configure Access to Account News.

Dashboard card

  • If a user has permission to access dashboards, this card displays the first chart from the user’s most recently visited dashboard. The chart that’s shown changes with a user’s dashboard activities, and the label of the card always shows the current dashboard’s name.
  • Tap the chart to open the component and it’s corresponding report. The More link opens the full dashboard.
  • This card doesn’t display if the user hasn’t recently accessed any dashboards, or if the last viewed dashboard is empty.

Other Salesforce Today Enhancements

Get Updated Information in Today as Needed
All of the Today cards update whenever a user accesses the app from the navigation menu. But the cards aren’t automatically updated if a user leaves Today (for example, by opening an event or switching to a post, dashboard, task, or other record) then returns using the Back icon button, or does an action that affects the information shown in Today, such as creating a new task. So now users can update the information on the Today page as needed, using the pull-to-refresh gesture.
Use pull-to-refresh to see updated information on mobile calendar events too.
Do More Actions from Today
In versions 7.0 and later of the downloadable apps, the action bar is now available on the main Today page. The set of actions that are available are those that are defined on the global publisher layout.
See Today Cards in Two Columns (Tablet Only)
When using versions 7.0 and later of the downloadable app for iOS tablets, the Today cards are displayed in two columns, allowing users to see more information without scrolling. This enhancement isn’t available in the downloadable app for Android devices.
Weather Information No Longer Displayed in Today
To improve the performance of Today, weather information has been removed from the app.

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