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Unable to assign Sales Console permission to user

Knowledge Article Number 000233398
Description I have set up the Sales Console and it is enabled it in my sandbox or production environment. 

I have already moved forward and created the permission set per article Enable the Sales Console User Permission for a Salesforce Console

Still with the completed actions above I cannot assign the permission set to a user within the sandbox. When going to the user profile and trying to select the Sales Console permission.

 The error states, "The user license doesn't allow the permission: Sales Console" Attached are screen shots of the various setup elements.
Resolution You will need to move forward with the permission set license agreement. This is an item that needs to be enabled for the user to access the Sales Console. 


1) Go to the user page

2) Locate Permission Set License Assignments 
(This is located near the bottom of the page)

3) Select "Edit Assignments" 
4) On this page you will have the option to Enable the Sales Console User. Move forward and check the box to enable. 

You should then be able to move forward. 

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