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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Moving from Social Listening to Social Intelligence

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Salesforce Cloud Services
Moving from Social Listening to Social Intelligence

Social listening enables Marketing Cloud users to analyze conversations happening across millions of sources on a daily basis. These mentions can be in the form of brand/ product reviews, customer service inquiries or simply general C2C posts to name but a few. Pulling a report with your total number of mentions will no longer be sufficient in this current landscape, and therefore it is imperative to utilize the insights from the data you are pulling in. 

Social Intelligence is a means of sharing Social data with internal stakeholders to compliment existing business strategies. It provides accelerated value across the organization by keeping all teams informed of trends happening in the social ecosystem that may be relevant to their strategic initiatives. In short, Social Listening consists of the keyword searches based on topics of interest; Social Intelligence on the other hand, focuses on what you do with those results. 

Here are a few key steps to getting started with your Social Intelligence Strategy, which takes Social Listening one step further.

1-  Identify key stakeholders/ departments in your company to define needs based on predefined business goals.
  • Retain your customers, improve C-Sat (Customer Service)
  • Enhance reputation (Marketing, PR)
  • Increase brand awareness (Marketing)
  • Competitive insights (Product Management)
  • Benchmarking metrics (Marketing, PR, Customer Service)
  • Generating sales leads (Sales, business development)
  • Social customer service (Customer Service)
  • Negate harmful buzz (PR)
  • Find and engage industry influencers (Community Management, Marketing, PR)
2- Build a Topic Profile to capture relevant data in the Social Studio or the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard

3- Integrate Social data with existing data *if applicable (e.g. Salesforce CRM)

4- Share the data with internal stakeholders. Create reports with relevant data for teams to review trends and topics. 
  • Feed data back to your organization in order to compliment strategic objectives defined in Step 1.
5- Turn your Social data into actionable business strategies.

Repeat steps 1-5 on an ongoing basis for optimal results.


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