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What does "Log a Call" in case feed do?

Knowledge Article Number 000233411
Description Log a call in case feed has different options then Log a Call in Activity feed.

The differences:
On the standard page, the "Log a Call" button is a standard button on the page layout that is in the 'Activity History' related list for standard and custom objects.

More details on the "Log a Call" button on 'Activity History' can be found here:

I would like to know what Log a Call in the case feed (details) does for my user.
Resolution The Log a Call action lets support agents record notes and information about customer calls. You can add a quick note and it is by default assigned to the creator of the logged call. 

The "schedule a follow up" task is not available via the case feed "log a call". However, it is available in the regular "log a call" button on the detail view but not on the case feed. 

Note: If you would like to customize this option you can utilize a Visual Force page more details can be found here: 

More details on the Case Feed and Related Lists can be found here: 

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