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Lead Conversion Process Builder Referencing Converted Objects Failed to Trigger Flow

Knowledge Article Number 000233419

Users may receive a "Failed to Trigger a Flow" error when they have a Process Builder process on the Lead object which fires during Lead Conversion.  This can happen specifically when referencing certain fields in a Record Update action such as Created Date on the related ConvertedContact, ConvertedAccount, or ConvertedOpportunity records.

For example, this can happen if you create a process similar to the following:
Object: Lead
Criteria: [Lead].IsConverted  |  Equals  |  Boolean  |  True
Action: Update Record | The Lead record which started the process >> Updated Field: Custom_DateTime_Field__c | Formula | [Lead].ConvertedContact.CreatedDate + 1

In the email that the admin receives upon triggering the Failed to Trigger a Flow error, you may notice that it will say the ConvertedContact.CreatedDate was "not set or assigned" even though it gives a record ID for the converted contact.


This is expected behavior: This occurs because the ConvertedContact (or account or opportunity) has not yet been committed to the database.  The system automatically generates an ID for these 'records' when the lead is converted and the process fires, so that they can be referenced by validation rules, other workflows, and so on. The Created Date on these records are only filled in once the record has officially been created and saved to the database (i.e. once you can navigate to the record by appending the record ID to your salesforce URL and view the record).

At the moment the process fires and the criteria in the process is being evaluated, the Contact record is generated, but not yet saved to the database, which happens after the process successfully fires. Since it is not yet saved, there is no Created Date, which is why you would receive the "not set or assigned" message in the Flow Trigger Failed Email.


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