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Why can't a user see a lookup field, even though access is granted via field level security and the field is visible on the page layout?

Knowledge Article Number 000233429
Description There may be a scenario where a user is not able to access a field on a record, even though you have granted at least Read access(via the profile level or through a permissions set) and have made the field visible on the page layout.
Resolution The user will require at least Read access to the object in which the lookup field is referencing to see the lookup field.

Steps to resolve the issue:
1) Within Setup, go to object in which the affected field is part of
2) Find the field and look under the 'Data Type' column and you will see that the Data Type is Lookup
3) In text within the parenthesis (   ) is the object in which you need to grant at least Read access to for the user who needs access

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