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Price Books: How does updating Prices affect existing Opportunities/Orders?

Knowledge Article Number 000233441
Description What is the interaction, when one changes the price of a Product, in a Price Book. What happens with the Opportunity or Order that has that Product chosen already?
Objects used:
  • Product and Price Books
  • Price Book Entry, a Product which is listed in a Price Book.
  • Opportunity Product or Order Product, related to either, chosen from a Price Book
Resolution The answer is that, a change to a price in a Price Book, will not affect the Amount on an Opportunity, or an Order.

To understand what happens, have a look at the steps in the resolution, so as to be able to grasp the steps involved
  • First you will create a Product, and set the Standard Price for it.
  • As a next step, you will add this Product to a Price Book. When you add your Product, you can choose to set a List Price, independent, or choose to "Use Standard Price".
  • You can, eg, have a B2C and a B2B Price Book, with different List Prices for the same Product.
  • When you want to add a Product to an Opportunity or Order, you first choose your Price Book. After this you can add a or multiple Products. When adding these products, the Sales Price will be pre-filled with the List Price suggested, the user can leave it as is, or overwrite it.
  • We now have a Product (Standard Price), listed in one or more Price books (List Price), added to an Opportunity (Sales Price) or an Order (Unit Price).
Standard price
Price Book Entry:
Standard price
Synchronized with the
Standard Price on Product
Price Book Entry:
List Price
Either "Use Standard Price".
Or manually adjusted
Opportunity Product:
Order Product:
List Price
Synchronized with the related
Price Book Entry: List Price
Opportunity Product:
Sales Price
Order Product:
Unit Price
Suggested List Price upon creation
But not Synchronized
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