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Managed Package DocuSign upgrade fails with Error Number: 1723302886-13870 (-1752941928)

Knowledge Article Number 000233442
Description Some customers may observe that they encounter an error when attempting to upgrade "DocuSign For Salesforce", this generally happens when customers are attempting to upgrade an older version of the package to the current version.

The Error ( received via email) may look something like this:

Your request to install package "DocuSign For Salesforce DFS 6.1" was unsuccessful. None of the data or setup information in your organization was affected. 

If your install continues to fail, contact Salesforce CRM Support through your normal channels and provide the following information. 

Organization: SFDC TEST (00D56000000CnlB) 
User: John Doe (00556000000IOf8) 
Package: DocuSign For Salesforce (04tA000000038MdIAI) 
Error Number: 1723302886-13870 (-1752941928)

The error number i.e., -1752941928 translates to the following as per out logs:

Thrown: lib.gack.GackContext: moduleapi.isv.packaging.exception.PackageInstallException: Package Installation Failure
Cause1: core.apexpages.exceptions.ApexPagesDeveloperException: Variable is not visible: DocuSignPassword

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Login to org as Admin
2. Attempt to upgrade "DocuSign For Salesforce" by appending the following in front of .com, /packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04tA000000038Md
Ex: [ NAX is the instance ]
3. Select an appropriate setting
4. Click Install
5. Receive error via email
Resolution If you encounter the above error then please reach out to Docusign ( Publisher of the package) in order to resolve this issue via the following :

DocuSign, Inc -

Phone Number - 866.219.4318 
Website -
Email -


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