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Marketing Cloud Help & Training

Knowledge Article Number 000233457

Salesforce Help & Training is your gateway to product support and training. Get to know all the features and functionality of Salesforce Help & Training (including how to contact Customer Support) in our Help & Training overview help article.



Get Marketing Cloud-specific support

Go to Salesforce Help & Training, then click Login | Login with Marketing Cloud and enter your Marketing Cloud username and password to filter our support content specifically for Marketing Cloud items.


Get Marketing Cloud product documentation and release notes

For even more product documentation, release notes, and additional support options, visit


View your Marketing Cloud support cases (open and closed)

Log in to Help & Training with your Marketing Cloud credentials to view all of your own Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Support cases in one place under the "Success Hub" tile.

Can't see your cases? Contact your Account Executive and ask them to enable you for Self-Service.

Note: Only Administrators can view a list an entire organization's cases.


Troubleshoot problems with receiving case update emails from Customer Support

Check your email spam folder to see if updates are being filtered by your email provider. If you still don't see them, make sure your "reply to" email address is correct in your email settings. Read our help article about updating your reply to email address to learn the steps.

If you're still having problems receiving case update emails, contact your Account Executive.


Can't log in to Help & Training with Marketing Cloud credentials

Click Forgot your password on the login page to reset your password. If you can't reset your password, contact your Account Executive.

NOTE: Marketing Cloud users who only have Social Studio credentials (not MC Email, CloudPages etc...) can login with your Marketing Cloud login/password (Social logins will be coming soon in FY18)

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