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Unable to follow Knowledge articles when using a community template

Knowledge Article Number 000233469
Description Community Users may find that they're unable to follow a Knowledge article like they can other records in their community.
Resolution This is a limitation of community templates and knowledge's unique architecture.

If you open a standard or custom object's record preview in the Community Builder you'll see the Follow button is included in the Record Banner Lightning Component.

If you try to add the Record Banner component the Article Detail page in the builder and paste in an actual Knowledge Article Id for the Record Id field instead of {!recordId} you'll get the following error:

"Looks like there' a problem.
This record isn't supported. See your administrator for help."

Pg. 156 in the Using Templates to Build Communities guide it states, "The Record Banner component supports accounts, cases, contacts, tasks, events, and custom objects" which doesn't list or include Knowledge.

Please consider creating or promoting an Idea on the IdeaExchange so that we may see the ability to follow knowledge articles in communities using templates added with a future release.

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