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Why am I getting the "You do not have sufficient permissions to import custom objects error message" when trying to import custom objects?

Knowledge Article Number 000233485
Description For users without the 'Modify All Data' user permission, users can still import custom objects via the Data Import Wizard. These users may experience an error when trying to import custom objects via a CSV file.

Steps to reproduce behavior:
1) Setup | Data Management | Data Import Wizard
2) Click Launch Wizard!
3) Under the 'What kind of data are you importing?', Click Custom Objects
You see the error message below:
You do not have sufficient permissions to import custom objects

This image is not available because: You don’t have the privileges to see it, or it has been removed from the system

Resolution As of our Spring '16 Release, to import custom objects: you need the 'Import Custom Objects' User Permission and at least Edit access on the custom object(s) that you are trying to import. See “What permissions do I need to import records?” for more details.

The 'Import Custom Objects' user permission allows non-admin users to import Custom Objects using Data Import Wizard.

To resolve the error message, you will need to grant the 'Import Custom Objects' user permission via a permission set or a the profile level. Once you have granted the 'Import Custom Objects' user permission, the user should be able to access the Custom Objects to import data. 

Note: Under the Custom Objects selection under the 'What kind of data are you importing? section, the custom object selection will reflect the User's custom object access. 
Example: If a user has access to Custom Object A, B and C, then he/she will only be allowed to use the Data Import Wizard to import custom object data for Custom Object A, B and C (see below).
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