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Internal Server Error occurs when enabling Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000233515
Description When enabling Wave Analytics, you may encounter an Internal Server Error. There are several situations that may cause this. The root cause stems from the creation of the Integration and Security Users being blocked.

Restricted Email Domains

If your environment has restricted email domains, you will have the following option in Setup:
Setup | Manage Users | Allowed Email Domains
Please add "[18-digit Org ID].com" to the Allowed Email Domain list. You can generate your 18-digit Org ID here.
For example:

Email Change Verification Disabled

If your environment has email change verification disabled, you will need to contact Salesforce Support to unblock the user creation. Please submit a case through the Help & Training portal.

Required/Unique Fields on User Object

If your environment has required or unique custom fields on the User object, Wave will not be able to create the necessary users. Please temporarily change the field settings to allow Wave enablement to complete.

Next: Retry Enabling Wave

Once the appropriate steps have been completed, you will need to disable and enable Wave to allow the process to complete successfully.

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