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Automatically Update Report/Dashboard Folder Sharing via Metadata API

Knowledge Article Number 000233549
Description Updating the sharing settings of a few Reports or Dashboard folders in an org is quite simple using the UI. However, when the need arises to change the sharing settings for a larger number of folders, the UI method can become tedious and time consuming. Fortunately, it's possible to use the Metadata API to expedite this process. 
  • Per the developer documentation, the easiest way to use the Metadata API is via the IDE or Migration Tool. So start by installing either one of the tool
  • Open the IDE or Migration Tool and login to your org
  • Export the metadata from your org to an XML file in the IDE or Migration Tool
  • Edit the XML for the field "accessLevel" on the FolderShare object
  • Options for "accessLevel" are View, EditAllContents, and Manage
  • Save the XML and deploy it back to your org to update your folder sharing settings automatically

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