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Why I am getting an Login Rate Exceeded limit error?

Knowledge Article Number 000233559
Description In Salesforce we have limits to ensure that our platform runs not only efficiently, but also safe. When attempting to login it is important to limit the amount of login requests to ensure that we can process all the request properly. The limit is 3600 call per user per hour, if this limit is exceed there will be a “Login Rate Exceeded” error generated in your application and the login history inside of Salesforce. The best solution for this is to wait an hour and then attempt to login.Triggering this limit can be caused by any custom integration or third party applications to never to login. To check if the limit was hit inform a System Administrator of the organization or if you are a System Administrator please download the Login History and filter by the user generating the error message to see what is causing the limit.

Example of Login History:
Login Time (Eastern Daylight Time)Login TypeStatusBrowserPlatformResolutionApplicationLogin URLCountry CodeCountrySubdivisionCityPostalCodeLatitudeLongitude
MM/DD/YY HH:MMPartner ProductLogin Rate ExceededJakarta HTTP CommonsUnknownN/AUnknown        

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