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Case List Component in Communities is Empty

Knowledge Article Number 000233607
Description The Community Builder can be used to add a "Case List" lightning component to display a list of Case records.  If this list shows up empty (does not display Case Details), it signifies a problem with the Case Filter Name or ID.

In order for a Case List component in Communities to display correctly, its "Case Filter Name or ID" must match an existing Case List View in the internal organization.
Resolution To correct this issue:

1. In the internal organization, click the "Edit" link next to the Case List View you are trying to display in Communities.
2. Copy the value in the "View Unique Name" field.
3. Navigate back to Community Builder | Page Editor.
4. Select the Page that contains the affected Case List.
5. Click on the Case List to display the Property Editor in the right-hand pane.
6. Update "Case Filter Name or ID" with the "Unique Name" copied in Step 2.
7. Click the Publish button in the upper right to save the change.

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