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Community User License Sharing Settings to allow editing of both Parent and Child Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000233608
Description I want to be able to give my community users the ability to see and edit their account and all the accounts below them. I don't seem to be able to do this though. I can grant access to their account or the accounts below them through the permission set.
Resolution Sharing Sets work by comparing a value derived from the user to a value derived from the record at runtime. A hierarchy is not a value, it's an unbounded collection of values.

In order to work around this you can do the following:

1) Creates a Root Account custom object with a custom lookup field to the Account object. 
2) Create records of the accounts for each root account. 
3) Create a custom lookup field on Account to the Root Account object and have all accounts point to their respective roots. 

Setup access mapping this way: 
User:Account = Account:Root_Account__c.Account__c 

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