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Lightning Sync FAQ

Knowledge Article Number 000233611

Lightning Sync will be generally available with Summer '16*. However, Exchange 2010 compatibility and some event sync options will maintain their beta status. This FAQ covers common questions associated to those features maintaining their beta status.

What does beta mean?
Beta features are intended for evaluation purposes and not for production use. As such, customers should refrain from relying on such features for business needs.

Why is Exchange 2010 compatibility retaining beta status?
We have not determined whether we will make this capability generally available, but would like to continue to provide customers with the ability to test and evaluate Lightning Sync with Exchange 2010 in the meantime.

Why are the event syncing options “Salesforce to Exchange” and “Sync both ways” being retained as beta features?
We’re still evaluating alternative technical solutions to support these two sync options. It’s possible that we’ll replace these options with comparable functionality in a different feature. 

Which versions of Exchange does Salesforce support for using Lightning Sync?
Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Office 365 (Exchange Online).

How can I tell which version of Exchange my company uses?
Check with your Exchange admin. It’s possible that your users’ Exchange mailboxes work with multiple versions of Exchange. 

How can I tell which directions I have events syncing?
In Salesforce, go to Admin Setup and enter Lightning Sync Configurations in the search box. Select Lightning Sync Configurations. Click on each of active Lightning Sync configurations. The detail view shows you the sync direction for events.

What should I do if my configurations are set to sync events using “Salesforce to Exchange” or “Sync both ways”?
No change is required at this time.  If we make changes to these beta features, we’ll provide you with advance notice.  Note you may continue to sync events using the Lightning Sync configuration option “Exchange to Salesforce.”

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