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INTERNAL: CTI Toolkit Retirement in Spring '17

Knowledge Article Number 000233626

1. What is the change and when is it happening?

We previously communicated that the end-of-support for the CTI Toolkit would take place in the Spring ‘15 release (February 2015). With the Spring ’17 release*, the CTI Toolkit will retire and no longer function. This means that any telephony-integrated functionality using the CTI Toolkit will cease to work. Telephony partners will no longer be able to support the CTI Toolkit after the Spring ‘17 release.

If you are currently using the CTI Toolkit, you need to transition to the Salesforce Open CTI alternative. While there is no cost to use the Salesforce Open CTI solution, we recommend contacting your telephony partner for details on the migration process.

* Currently targeted for February 2017; date subject to change


2. What will happen after the End-of-Life date?

The CTI Toolkit functionality will no longer work, including all telephony integrated functionality such as screen pops, click to dial, call control, call logs and the ability to identify the caller. 

Telephony partners will no longer be able to support the CTI Toolkit beyond Spring ‘17.


3. What is the replacement and what is the difference between the legacy product and the replacement?

Unlike the CTI Toolkit which is a desktop application, Open CTI is a cloud-based solution that allows partners to create robust, customizable, web-based telephony integrations. 

The softphone screen generated by the cloud-based Open CTI is more visually attractive than the softphone generated by the CTI Toolkit. Customers and partners own the entire softphone (call-control) stack in Open CTI, allowing flexibility in the technology and User Interface (UI) creation. There are many benefits, including:

  • The Open CTI solution architecture can work across any browser and platform. 
  • Open CTI allows softphones to be delivered via any web technology, including Visualforce.
  • The partner or customer owns the entire softphone making troubleshooting and maintenance easier.


4. What action do customers need to take? 

If you are currently still using the CTI Toolkit, you need to contact your telephony partner to begin the migration to Open CTI prior to the Spring ‘17 release. If your partner has already completed your migration to Open CTI, no action is needed.


5. Why are we retiring this product or feature?

We are retiring the CTI Toolkit for the following reasons:

  • Enhance stability and increase deployment flexibility – To improve stability and deployment flexibility, we are focusing our efforts on our Open CTI solution. Unlike the CTI Toolkit, which is a desktop application, Open CTI is a cloud-based solution that allows partners to create customizable, web-based telephony integrations for customers. 
  • Lack of TLS compatibility – The CTI Toolkit does not support TLS 1.1 and higher. See the Salesforce disabling TLS 1.0 article for more details.


6. What is the escalation process for dissatisfied customers? 

Contact the Product Manager: Gautam Vasudev


7. Can any of this information be shared with customers?

Until a formal announcement is made, do not share the information in writing as Legal & PR need to first approve.


8. Where can the customer go for more information?

Customers should contact their telephony partner for more details on the migration needed. Additional resources include: 

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