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Why does the total number of hits change when I browse through pages of results in the Help & Training course search?

Knowledge Article Number 000233634
Description When I search using the "Find a Course" feature in the Salesforce Help & Training portal, I've noticed that the number of results displayed at top of the page may change as I navigate through the different pages of results. The total count of results sometimes show a different number on every page.

Why does this happen? Are there courses that I'm missing?
Resolution This is the expected behavior of industry-standard search sorting used in the Salesforce Help & Training site. 

No courses are missing from the results. The system is just filtering out any duplicate hits in the results that point to the same course. This in turn may cause the total number of results displayed at the top of the page to be lower than the initial count. 

The course search engine in the Salesforce Help & Training site will display an initial count of all hits it finds in the search index that match the word or words (search terms) used in the search. 

When you navigate through the results pages clicking from one page to another, the system dynamically filters and sorts the results on a page by page basis and will automatically filter out any hits that point to the same course. 

When duplicate hits have been removed from the results list, the total count will naturally be less than the original tally of results. 


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