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Joined Report format not available in Enterprise edition

Knowledge Article Number 000233643
Description If I create a new report or customize an existing one, under the "report format" drop down menu I don't see the "Joined Report" option.
This option should be available for me as I am on Enterprise Edition (or Performance/Unlimited)
Resolution In order to see the option, the New Report builder needs to be active (the Report Builder permission on their profile would not be enough).

The "Upgrade Report Builder" setting needs to be enabled on the organization in order to get the users to see and select "Joined Report" under report format.

To enable "Upgrade Report Builder" go to Setup>Customize>Reports and Dashboards>Report and Dashboard Settings.
Check on "Upgrade Report Builder" box then click on Save.

After enabling this, the users should be able to see and select the "Joined Report" option under report format while customizing a report.

For further information about report formats, please review the article Choose a report Format
For further information about the Report Builder, please review the article Build a new report

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