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Adding Custom Fields to Patient Card from Custom Object in Health Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000233652
Description In order to create a custom field on Patient Cards in Health Cloud from custom objects, users will need to create a custom object that they would like to use to pull information from and configure a new patient card configuration. The steps below will ensure your custom object and patient card configuration are completed correctly.
Resolution To Properly Configure a Custom Patient Card Configuration Follow the Steps Below:

1. Create a custom object in your Health Cloud org. When done it should look something like the image below:

For best practices and implementation tips follow this guide:

2. At least two custom fields will need to be created on your custom object. The first is the data field you want to pull values from to your patient card and the second is a filter field. Follow this guide to create a custom field:

3. Create a filter field by creating a field with datatype of checkbox. Set the default to true and name the field whatever you would like. 

Next set your custom object as a related list on your patient object or contacts (whichever way your specific Health Cloud org is setup for.)

Navigate to the Patient Card Configuration tab as the Health Cloud Admin and select new. You should then see a page like the one below:

Complete all required fields.

***Please note all fields will use API name not field name*** 

"Patient Card Configuration Name" is the name of the card that will register under the Patient Card Configuration tab.

"Object Name" is the API name of the custom object that would have been created earlier when following this knowledge article.

"Field Name" is the API name of the custom field that you want to pull data from on the custom object that you created earlier.

"Friendly Field Name" is the name that your data will appear under on the patient card.

"Sort Order" is the vertical order that the new field and data will appear on the Patient Card. 

"Sort By" is the field where you enter sorting condition like date or specific name of data being pulled over (Such as a medicine name if multiple medicines are set on your custom object.)

Set Patient Card to "active" and "ascending" if you would like the new data to be ascending order.

"Limit" will set the max number of results to display.

Override Filter Field is the field where you will add the API name of the filter field checkbox you created earlier. 

When completed, you should have something like this:


At this point you should be able to navigate to the Health Cloud Console app and open a patient record. The data on your Patient Card should now display.


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