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Community User accessing VF page, that is accessible to Site Guest User, with expired session will land on the VF page as Site Guest User

Knowledge Article Number 000233655
Description Community Users whom's session times out on a Visual force page that is accessible by the communities Site Guest User will not be redirected to their configured logout URL when refreshing the page but rather land back on the same Visual force  page as the Site Guest User.

Steps to replicate:
1) Create community 
2) Create any VF page
3) Edit site of this community and enable this VF page for the Site Guest User
4) Set VF page as community home page
5) Session Settings
Set session timeout to 15 mins
Disable session timeout warning popup is enabled 
Force logout on session timeout is disabled
6) Wait 15 mins/until session expires
7) Reload the page

Land back on the VF page as Site Guest User
Resolution -  This is a expected behavior  when the VF page  is accessible by the communities Site Guest User. If the VF page is not is accessible by the communities Site Guest User then the external community user is redirected correctly to community login page.
- If you want to always redirect the community user to community login/logout  page then Change the session settings-  Force logout on session timeout is enabled.  Remember this setting is applicable to  all users not only community users

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