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Why is my Task workflow rule not firing when created by another workflow?

Knowledge Article Number 000233684

You may notice that task workflows are not firing when the task is created by another workflow rule, as in the scenario below. This is expected behavior.

1) Create a workflow rule on Accounts, which creates a Task.
2) In the task creation screen, specify the subject as "Test Task"
3) Create a second workflow on Task which fires when a record is created
4) Specify the criteria as Task: Subject | Equals | Test Task
5) For the action, choose field update, and update the Type field to "Call"
6) Activate both rules.

In this example, if you meet the criteria of the first workflow rule, a new task will be created, but the Task workflow will not fire. Individually, the workflows will fire (manual creation of a Task will fire the task workflow; update of account will create a task), but they will not work together as Task workflow rules do not run when created by another workflow.

Resolution If this is critical to your business needs, the field update can be done via a before insert trigger on the Task object.  This is because even though workflow rules will not run, apex code will.  The trigger would check the value of the subject field, and then if it is equal to "Test Task" it would set the Type to "Call."

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