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Notes in Lightning Experience

Knowledge Article Number 000233687
Description As of the Spring '16 release, Notes is now its own stand-alone related list within Lightning Experience.  

Please Note for Salesforce Classic:
If Notes are not enabled, then the old Notes and Attachments Related List will still have Notes within Salesforce Classic.
If Notes are enabled, Notes will have their own related list (same as in Lightning).
Resolution To turn on Notes within Lightning Experience, follow these steps:

Setup > Setup Home > Lightning Experience > Notes > Set Up Notes > Edit Note Settings > Enable Notes

Going forward, this will be the only way to utilize Notes within Lightning. If this is not enabled, the Notes and Attachments related list in Lightning will only be available for Attachments.  The New Notes feature may also be called "Enhanced Notes" in some documentation which can lead to confusion.  Notes and Enhanced Notes reference the same Feature.

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