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Why is my macro not executing expected action of attaching most relevant article on the case?

Knowledge Article Number 000233710
Description An issue can be observed after completely configuring automatically attaching relevant articles to the case using Macros, as guided by this article: Automatically Attach a Salesforce Knowledge Article to an Email in Case Feed Using Macros

You could encounter errors on the Macro tab saying the following: 
"There was an error running the Macro. Take a look at the Macro's instructions and try again."

An additional error is thrown on the "Select Most relevant article" step of the instruction set stating: 
"There were no search results for this keyword." 

The macro does not seem to complete its expected action anymore.
Resolution Suggested Articles appear in the Knowledge sidebar as you type details into the case's Subject, the knowledge search bar auto-populates the case's subject and search for relevant or related articles, because of this, the Macro cannot execute the Run Search instruction.

To fix the error, you need to clear the value on the Knowledge search bar before you run the Macro again. 


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