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Dashboard shows different results in Aloha vs Lightning Experience

Knowledge Article Number 000233711
Description In some occasions the charts on the Aloha Dashboards might show different results than the charts in Lightning Experience.

A couple of examples for this behaviour could be:
- A table dashboard component that shows 3 records on the Aloha Dashboard that shows only 1 record on the LEX dashboard.
- A vertical bar chart component that shows 7 bars on the Aloha Dashboard that shows only 1 bar on the LEX dashboard.
Resolution This behaviour is due to the LEX limitations around groupings.

In Lightning Experience, if there are more than 100 dimensions, then:
- Only the first 100 dimensions are drawn on the chart
- Custom sorting set in Salesforce Classic is lost
To avoid these limitations, consider setting report filters that return 100 or fewer dimensions

To verify this, in LEX, you should be able to see a small information icon (tiny blue circle) and upon hovering over it you will see the message:
"Showing first 100 groupings"
which would mean that the dashboard component is hitting this limit.

The workaround would be to remove a grouping (or sub-grouping) from the report or chart which will reduce the overall number of groupings (the dimensions in the documentation above).

Please Note: At the moment this limit cannot be increased.

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