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Health Cloud: Add Problems, Goals and Tasks to Care Plan and Timeline

Knowledge Article Number 000233712
Description Many users of Health Cloud will need to be able to establish and correctly create patient problems, goals, and tasks. This article covers how to manually create problems, goals, and task as well as covering what will appear on the patient timeline and specific behaviors in console. 
Resolution In order to create patient problems, goals, and tasks users will need to login to Health Cloud console and select the patient object from the object select menu in the upper left hand corner. From the patient object users can select all patients from the list view and click on their target patient. Once loaded the patient display will include three primary tabs including Details, Collaboration, and Patient Care and Timeline. Users need to select Patient Care and Timeline which will result in a screen similar to the one below.

Health Cloud Patient Console

User will now need to navigate to the lower half of the Patient Care and Timeline where there will be two sub tabs labeled Problems and Goals as well as Tasks. Click on the create button on the lower right and select problem or tasks. Please note there is not an option for goal from this create button as goals are tied to problems to drive effective and responsible patient care. 

Health Cloud Problems and Task

To create a problem select the problem option under the create button. You will be prompted to fill out the following information:
  • Name - Field used to name the problem which will display for Health Cloud users and care provider's. 
  • Description - Field used to describe the problem itself.
  • Priority - Set a priority by selecting from low, medium, and high
Creating Problems

Once all information is entered select save. The problem will now be listed on the lower half of the screen. Please note the problem does not appear on the patient timeline. 

Saved Problem
To set a goal associated with a problem or edit an existing problem select the downward facing arrow on the right hand side of the saved problem. To set a goal select create goal. Users will need to complete the following fields.
  • Name - Name of the goal.
  • Description - Field used to describe the goal.
  • Priority - Users can select between low, medium, and high.
  • Progress - Field used to define progress to goal completion.
New Goal

Once saved you can expand the previously created problem to view associated goal as well as edit the goal to update progress. Please note the goal is not displayed on the patient timeline. 

HC Problem and Goal

To create a task click on the create button and select task. Users will need to fill out the following fields:
  • Subject - Field used to name the task.
  • Description - Field used to describe the task.
  • Priority - Field used to set priority. Users can choose from low, medium, and high. 
  • Problem - Field used to select previously created problem or a saved problem if multiples exist.
  • Due Date - Field used to set task due date.
  • Task Owner - Field used to set owner of the task.
  • External Member - Field that can be used to associate external member of a patients health care team.
  • Type - Field used to select task type such as clinical, administrative, and other.
  • Status - Field used to set current status of task.
  • Goal - Field used to associate a previously created goal. 
  • Can set as a reoccuring task by selecting checking the box.
HC New Task

Select save after completing the new task pop up. After you see the task created notification display over the timeline refresh the console to see the task included in the patient timeline. 

Health Cloud Timeline Task
Users can navigate back to any problem, goal, or task to edit it in order to correctly reflect changes in progress, status or completion. 

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