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Use more than 5 filters on the criteria when adding new Members to a Campaign

Knowledge Article Number 000233724
Description When adding new Members to a particular Campaign, you are only allowed to add up to 5 filter criteria to narrow down the results. If you would like to increase the filter criteria from 5 and up to 10, this can be achieved by creating either Contacts or Leads list view from the Contacts or Leads Tab and use it as the Filter Criteria.
Resolution To create a list view either on Leads or Contact object and use that list view as the filter criteria when adding members in Campaign, please follow the below given steps:

1. To create a List View: 

    a) Go to Leads or Contacts Tab
    b) Click Create New View 
    c) Enter View Name which will appear in the View drop-down list. 
    d) Specify Filter Criteria (Note: Initially, you can only use up to 5)
    e) Click on Add Filter Logic 
    f) Then "Add row" and "Remove Row" will appear 
    g) Click on Add Row 
    h) You can add up to 10
    i) Make sure you complete the Filter Logic as appropriate.
    j) Click on Save. 

2. Proceed to the Campaign where you are adding the filter:

    a) Go to Campaign Tab
    b) Open or Search for the specific Campaign you will be adding members to 
    c) Scroll down to Manage Members related list 
    d) Click on Manage Members 
    e) Choose Add Members - Search from the dropdown
    f) Choose Member Type to Search: select the Leads or Contacts radio button to add Leads or Contacts, respectively.
    g) On the Step 2: Specify Filter Criteria 
    h) Choose "Use Existing List View" 
    i) Choose the list view you have created with specified filter criteria 
    j) Click on Go

As a result, you will be able to see: 
  • The selected view uses more than 5 filters. All filters are applied, but only the first 5 are displayed. 
  • The selected view uses advanced options. Advanced options are applied but not displayed in the filters list. 
This is expected, and the filters on the List View will still be automatically applied on the Campaign Member view.

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