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How to allow users to edit another user's notes

Knowledge Article Number 000233819
Description Users are unable to edit Notes that are created by another user.

You will not see the Edit button and Edit Notes in Classic view. You will see the Edit button icon in Classic however if you click on it, you will not have the option to type within the box nor will you have the option to Save.
Resolution In order to allow a user to Edit Notes created by another user, the one who created the Note will have to share it by using the Note Sharing Settings.

Below are the steps for Salesforce Classic User Interface:

1. Click the tab of the Object where you created the Notes.
2. Click the name of the record where you created the Notes .
3. Scroll down to the Notes related list.
4. Click the title of the Notes you want to share or be edited by another user.
5. On the right side of the page, under Shared With section,you will find Note Sharing Setting.
6. You will see three dropdown choices: Share with people, Share with groups and Sharing Settings. Select either Share with people or Share with groups .
7. A box will appear where you can type the name of a user or group. Select the name.
8. Select the access if the User or Group will have Viewer or  Collaborator access.
  • Viewer - view only access
  • Collaborator - view and edit access
You can add more User or Group

9. (Optional) @Mention people and groups when you share files with groups.
0. Click Share button.

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