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SAQL 'matches' Operator Requires At Least Two Characters

Knowledge Article Number 000233827
When performing comparisons with the SAQL 'matches' operator, you may receive the following error:

Argument for 'matches' must be at least 2 characters.
The 'matches' operator requires a minimum or two characters to function. This is to prevent inefficient queries from stalling a dashboard or lens.
​You may also notice that when using the search option within a filter or list selector, the results will not update unless two or more characters are entered. The filter and list searches use the 'matches' operator, and will require two or more characters to be entered before they update.
Details about SAQL comparison operators can be found here.
To prevent this error, ensure that any SAQL statement involving 'matches' includes at least two characters:

q = filter q by 'Name' matches "b" will error.

q = filter q by 'Name' matches "bob" will not error.

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