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Why is the "Email Article With HTML" link missing from Case Feed panel

Knowledge Article Number 000233868
Description We followed the Send Article Content in Email instructions in order to send the article content within an email rather than just sending a URL.
However, we can only see the "Email Article as a PDF" and the "Detach from case" links in the Case Feed panel.

We should be seeing a third option: "Email Article With HTML". How can we get that option?

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Resolution This will happen unless you add the Email Quick Action to the Case Page Layout.

To resolve this please navigate to Setup | Customize | Cases | Page Layouts | Edit [next to the affected page layout], in the panel on top of the page, select the "Quick Actions" option and make sure that the Email action is part of the Quick Actions in the Publisher as shown below:

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Once you've added the Email action you should be able to see the "Email article with HTML" option.

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