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Stay-in-Touch Request Retirement with Summer ‘17

Knowledge Article Number 000233879

1. What is the change and when is it planned to happen?

The Stay-in-Touch Request feature, which allows users to request contact information updates from Contacts or Person Accounts via an email request from outbound Salesforce emails, will retire in the Summer ‘17* release. After the release, users will no longer be able to send such requests from Contacts or Person accounts. 

* Currently targeted for June 2017; date subject to change. 


2. What will happen after Summer ‘17?

The “Request Update” button will no longer appear on a Contact or Person Account record and users will be unable to send update requests. 

If a contact update request email is clicked on by the contact after the Summer ‘17 release, a web page with a “service is no longer available” message will display and updates will no longer be provided to your Salesforce org. 


3. What is the replacement and what are the key differences between the legacy product and the replacement?

Salesforce has not created a replacement for Stay-in-Touch Request.

Third-party apps with similar features are available in the AppExchange, including Contact Update Request. However, Contact Update Request only sends an email to request contact updates, and does not allow you to accept or reject the new information received by the Contact, which the Salesforce Stay-in-Touch feature allowed for. 

Other marketing automations tools available from the AppExchange may allow Salesforce users  to manage and track additional features.


4. What action do I need to take? What will happen if the action is not taken? 

Customers should plan on transitioning to an alternative solution and notify their users accordingly. Alternatives include the AppExchange app, Contact Update Request, or other Marketing automation tools that may provide more features than Stay-in-Touch Request. 


5. Why are we retiring this product or feature?

Salesforce is focusing its development efforts on other user productivity experiences to improve the overall user experience. 


6. Where can I or the customer go for more information? 

Join the Salesforce Productivity Success Community Group to participate in discussions about productivity features. 

For additional questions, open a case with Support via the Help & Training portal. 

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