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Getting Internal Server Error : 1758062860-315028 (-1026810343) when creating a Lookup field

Knowledge Article Number 000233887

You may get an Internal Server Error when creating a custom lookup field.

Error ID: 1758062860-315028 (-1026810343)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Click on Setup
2. Click on Create
3. Click on Objects
4. Select any custom object
5. Click on New
6. Select Lookup Field Type
7. Click on Save.

You will get "Internal Server Error" Error ID: 1758062860-315028 (-1026810343).

Root Cause: A custom object used to have Historical Trending enabled but that object has been deleted. In such situations, you will get the Internal Server Error.

Resolution You must do the following to resolve the issue:

1. Click on Setup
2. Click on Create 
3. Click on Objects 
4. Go to Deleted Objects
5. Click on Undelete
6. Click on Reports and Dashboards
7. Click on Historical Trending
8. Disable Historical Trending of that object
9. Then, delete the custom object again.


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