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Live Agent server (endpoint URL) has changed and now Live Agent Chat is no longer working

Knowledge Article Number 000233888
Description You may notice that your Live Agent Chat is no longer working, and upon investigation you see that the API endpoint URL (found under Setup | Customize | Live Agent | Live Agent Settings) is different than the URL you have in your webpage's code. 

Under Live Agent Settings in Setup: 
User-added image
Reference to Endpoint URL in Deployment code: 
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Example of Deployment code on a webpage: 
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Resolution Notice the URL in the webpage code is different than the URL in the Deployment code. The webpage code starts with 'la2-c1-chi' and the Deployment code shows 'la4-c1-was'. There are 2 references to the API Endpoint URL in the code that is provided via the Deployment. One is 'deployment.js' and the other follows the 'liveagent.init'. These 2 refereces are standard. Now, if the only reference to the API Endpoint URL is within the Deployment code snippet that Salesforce provides, you should see no issues. The system knows how to reroute the call to the correct Live Agent server, so there is no need to update that. 

HOWEVER, if you have that API Endpoint URL referenced anywhere else in your webpage code, you MUST update the URL to the new server manually. This is why you SHOULD NOT be hard coding the URL reference within your own code. The Live Agent Server associated to your Org can change without any notice. See the Live Agent Developer's Guide for details on how to correctly handle dynamic endpoint references. 

**NOTE: You will have to hard code the Endpoint URL reference within any REST API calls. There is currently no dynamic way to reference this, so you will need to manually update the URL's if the server for your Org changes. Please see "Switch Server Response during Live Agent REST API call" for more information. 


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