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Fields in Highlights Panel not updating in the Console when changing within the Page Layout on Cases

Knowledge Article Number 000233926
Description When editing the Highlights Panel for a Case Page Layout the changes to the fields selected are not reflected on the Case record when viewing it in the Console after saving your changes.
Resolution This would indicate that the organization in question still has the Legacy Case Feed feature which was deprecated in Spring '14. All organizations after that release would not have this feature enabled by default.

To determine if this is the root cause, navigate to Setup and access Page Layouts for Cases. From here see if there is a section called "Page Layouts for Case Feed Users". If the section is present, there will be at least one page layout that can be edited. Generally this is called "Case Feed Layout". The fields reflected on the Highlights Panel for all page layouts are drawn from this particular Layout when the Legacy Case Feed Feature is active. 

You can either edit the Highlights Panel from this Page Layout or you can convert and delete the Page Layout to the current Feed Based layout which will then remove the  "Page Layouts for Case Feed Users" section if it is the only Page Layout listed in that section. 

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