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Best Practices: Marketing Cloud - Consuming your Marketing Cloud Premier Accelerators

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Description Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accelerators!

Your business is unique — so are your challenges. Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Accelerators: packaged services delivered by dedicated specialists to help you get the most out of your Salesforce investment. Our portfolio of Accelerators are designed to solve key business challenges:

Reduce costs.
Benefit from increased efficiency of your Salesforce implementation.

Increase revenue.
Grow your topline by realizing the full potential of your Salesforce investment.

Minimize operating costs.
Run your Salesforce implementation more efficiently.

Gain business insights.
Get data-driven, customer insights to inform your business decisions.

Achieve faster ROI.
Minimize deployment costs and become operational faster.

Please Note: As a Marketing Cloud customers with a Premier or a Premier+ Success Plans, Accelerators are already included with your plan — please contact your Salesforce representative to get started.

Check out our Marketing Cloud Accelerator Data Sheets to learn about the Accelerator that best suits your needs.

View the entire Accelerator Catalog

Email Studio Accelerators

Reporting Config & Automation
Email Segmentation Config & Automation
Data Config & Automation
Journey Builder Base
Triggered email for SOAP API
Standard Tracking Extracts Config
Marketing Cloud Connect Optimization
Marketing Cloud Data Features Overview

Social Studio Accelerators

Social Studio Getting Started
Social Studio Sentiment Tuning
Social Listening and Analyze Config

Advertising Studio Accelerators

Advestising Studio QuickStart
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Attend the Accelerator Webinar for more information

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