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"Go To List" link for Notes does not function for specific objects

Knowledge Article Number 000233957
Description The "Go To List" link on the Notes related list is not supported for the following objects:

- Solution
- Case
- Campaign
- EmailMessage
- EmailTemplate
- Event
- Task

Resolution The Notes related list is not a fully supported entity for the listed objects. It can be used but will not provide the full functionality you see on other objects, such as Accounts.

You can see the Data Model structure here that only Attachments are supported as a related object to Cases:

It is also possible to check the accepted ParentId through a few methods to help you confirm support for any object you may be curious about.

Workbench: Once logged in, go to "Info" -> "Standard & Custom Objects". The choose the entity from the list, like "Note". Click on "Fields" and then "ParentId". This should contain an inner folder called "Reference To". Opening this will show all entities that the selected Entity can be related to. 

- Apex: Perform a SchemaDescribe against the field and retrieve the reference list. For example:
Schema.DescribeFieldResult dfr = Note.ParentId.getDescribe();


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