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How to populate the name of the Actual Approver in the Opportunity Details page

Knowledge Article Number 000239345
Description How do we populate the Actual Approver name from the Approval History Related List into the Opportunity Detail page?
Resolution The Actual Approver column that you can see in the Approval History related list of the records that you submit for approval is not an actual Field in Salesforce so it can't be added to the Page Layout of the Object for display.

However, we can use a Field Update as part of the Approval Process' Final Actions to display the value of the latest approver in the Record Detail Page.

Follow the following steps to make the value of the Actual Approver column visible in the record:

1. Create the Custom Field:

    a) Go to Setup 
    b) Select the Object where you want to track the actual approver
    c) Choose Fields 
    d) Select the Data Type: Text 
    e) Add a Field Label and Length (e.g. 100)
    f) Click on Next and select field-level security.
    g) Click on Next and add the necessary Page Layouts, then Save.

2. To populate the Actual Approver Name from the Approval History going to the Opportunity Detail Page

    a) Go to Setup
    b) Go to Approval Processes
    c) Click the Approval Process 
    d) Select the Final Approval Actions 
    e) Click on Add New 
    f) Choose Field Update
    g) Add a Name for the Field Update, select the Field created on step #1 on the "Field to Update" dropdown.
    h) In the Specify New Field Value select "Use a formula to set the new value
    i) Select the Formula: LastModifiedBy.FirstName & " " & LastModifiedBy.LastName 
    j) Click on Save.

Please note that: 
- We added the Field update as part of the "Final Approval Actions" so the field will only populate after the Approval Process finishes.
- If the record goes through different Approval Processes while being 'Locked' the value of the field might not be changed. You can avoid this by making sure the record is unlocked when the Approval Process ends.
- If the Approval Process has multiple approvers and requires unanimous approval only the latest approver will be reflected. The record won't display the different approvers through the process, only the last one. This is because the Field Update will happen as part of the Final Approval Actions.
- If you want to capture users that do rejections or recalls and not only approvals you'd need to add Field Updates to the "Final Rejection Actions" or the "Recall Actions".
- If you require more complex logic to populate this field you may want to review solutions based on APEX Triggers.

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