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fireOnCallEnd is not invoking Custom Interaction Log

Knowledge Article Number 000239600
Description A custom Interaction Log(CIL) can capture key call summary information including Duration, Disposition, Channel etc. An OpenCTI adapter can fire the "fireOnCallEnd()" method and send related callObjectId details with the call.
If the custom Interaction Log has sforce.console.cti.onCallEnd registered, it will receive that information. fireOnCallEnd()method executes only when a fireOnCallBegin() is called first.

In the background, the callObjectId is passed from OpenCTI to any listeners. The callObjectId should be the same across these calls since the id is used to determine which listener should receive the call as multiple listeners with different IDs can be registered.
However the fireOnCallEnd can only correspond to the fireOnCallBegin associated with a single id at a time. 
The sequence of API call is also important since the call for onCallBegin() needs to be made before onCallEnd(). Additionally, setCallObjectIds can overwrite any active calls, so must be used in sequence carefully.

Dev Doc:  Building a Custom Interaction Log

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