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How to merge a managed package field in mail merge template

Knowledge Article Number 000239613
Description When doing a Mail Merge, if you have used API name for a Managed Package field, it will be shown as a Line of Underscores in your merged document.
Resolution This often happens when the merge field format is incorrect. You need to use Field Label instead of API name in mail merge template as the field is from a Managed Package.

Below are steps to find the Field label for Standard object:

   1. Click on Setup | Customize | Select the Object | Go to Fields | 
   2. You will see Field Label for all Standard and Custom Fields.
   3. Copy the Field Label and then use that Label in Mail Merge Template.

In order to merge the field in template, refer below article :

Blank or Underscore values when generating Mail Merge documents. Duplicate or Doubled values when generating Mail Merge Documents.


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