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Events not visible in LEX Calendar despite showing on Classic Calendar

Knowledge Article Number 000239627
Description Events are not visible when viewing the calendar in Lightning Experience:

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While the same Events will show up fine when viewing in Classic.

The Salesforce Events calendar may show the following error message:
An unexpected error has occurred. Try again later or contact Customer Support.
Resolution To rectify this issue, the affected user's profiles will need at least Read access to the following Event fields: 

All-Day Event: (IsAllDayEvent)
Subject: (Subject)
Start: (StartDateTime) 
End: (EndDateTime) 
  1. Go to the profile of the affected user within Setup.
  2. Edit the Field Level Security for the Event object.
  3. Ensure that there is at least Read access to the fields listed above.
If you need clarification on this resolution, please log a case with support.

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