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MailChimp email bouncebacks

Knowledge Article Number 000239638
Description Some Salesforce system administrators may receive email bouncebacks from the email address The bounceback notification may have a subject line like "00Dd0000000MyOrgId  Hope on a String - MC2SF start method"
Resolution The MailChimp for Salesforce integration sends email notifications back to the MailChimp team that contain details about the code, methods called, etc. The vendor of the MailChimp app has deactivated the email address the notifications are sent to, and this situation causes a bounceback to be sent back to the admin(s) of the Salesforce org.

Be aware that this is not an issue with your Salesforce org, that Salesforce cannot provide an estimated time for resolution, and that it is out of scope for Salesforce Support.

If you have any questions about the MailChimp for Salesforce app, about the contents of the automated emails sent to the MailChimp team, need a timeline for resolution, have feedback about the integration, or need additional details, please contact the MailChimp support team: MailChimp for Salesforce

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