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Where to go to get a Tahoe Edition Partner Trial Org

Knowledge Article Number 000239639
Description Tahoe Edition Trial Orgs will be available on the Environment Hub on the day of the Summer '16 release, June 3rd. These Tahoe editions feature the latest lightning capabilities, and the new editions include additional functionality that many customers were buying a la carte, thus delivering more value. 

Prior to the June 3rd release to Environment Hub, Partners might request for the Tahoe Edition Trial orgs.

Resolution Case Handling

Please provide the partner with the template ID for the requested Tahoe Edition Trial org below: 

Lightning CRM EE -  0TT36000002bvn3
Lightning CRM PE -  0TT36000002LrUt
Lightning Sales EE -  0TT36000002PVEB
Lightning Service PE -  0TT36000002UKX5


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