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Insufficient Privileges when clicking "Profiles" in Lightning Setup Menu

Knowledge Article Number 000239640
Description Users may notice that when Lightning Experience is enabled, clicking "Profiles" from Setup Home gives an insufficient privileges, even if they are a system administrator. The expectation would be that admins would be able to see the profile list without issue. If affected by this issue, the admin will note that accessing the Profile list view in Classic works without issue.
Another scenario that can occur is that the user will be allowed to open specific profiles, but that they will appear in a new tab with no sidebar or header.

1) Ensure Lightning is enabled in your org, and switch to it.
2) Navigate to Setup Home, and click the profile button
3) Insufficient Privileges

Resolution This will not happen if the following option is selected in Setup>Customize>User Interface:
-Enable Enhanced Profile List Views

If this is deselected and you try to click Setup>Profiles in Lightning, you will receive Insufficient Privileges.  If you have recently viewed a specific profile, however, you will still be able to navigate to that profile when clicking on it from the Recently Viewed section of Setup.

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