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Lightning for Outlook: How to add Outlook events to Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000239657
Description Instructions to add Outlook events to Salesforce using Lightning for Outlook (formerly Salesforce App for Outlook).
Resolution Use Lightning for Outlook app to add Outlook events/calendar items that you are an attendee or an organizer on:

Step 1 
Open an event in Outlook, OWA (Outlook Web Access) or Outlook 2013/2016.

Step 2 
Click on Salesforce (Lightning for Outlook) app tab.

Step 3 
Login to the app. 

Step 4 
Once you enter the login credentials (first time login), you will be re-directed to page with a message "Connect Lightning for Outlook to Your Salesforce Account". Simply click on Continue.

Step 5 
You will see Account Connected page. Click Got it.

Step 6  
You will be re-directed to Outlook.

Step 7 
If a matching Contact is found, you will see Contact card with a cloud icon or "Relate your event to this Salesforce record" button. Click on the button to add the event to Salesforce. Once event is successfully added, a green Event Added message will show up.

Step 8 
Go to the Contact in Salesforce app and observe that the event is added under Contact's Open Activities.


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