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Summer 16: Report Export now contains decoded HTML tags

Knowledge Article Number 000239661
Description Prior to Summer 16, the Export of Reports with formula fields would be unreadable in the instance of Hyperlinks or images. For example, see the following formula and its corresponding output when Exporting prior to Summer 16.
Resolution Formula:
HYPERLINK("", "Google", "_self");

Export Result:

As part of a fix for the export, in Summer 16 we are now rendering the formula providing the output value of the formula as it would be for the UI. This meaning that in the event where a formula is HTML rendered (Hyperlinks, email addresses, images, etc.) it will render as it would for the UI and contain the HTML tags.

HYPERLINK("", "Google", "_self");

Export Result:
<a href="" target="_self"></a>

This is considered expected now as of Summer 16. To get an export to contain just the URL value or email address, consider utilizing the corresponding custom field types of Email & URL.

***There is currently a Known Issue affecting this behavior for formulas that return special characters along with a plain text value.  For more information, please view the Known Issue.***

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